14th Armored Division

16 February 1945 A day with the 14th AD Commanding General
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31 February 1945

6 March 1945 - 19th AIB, Ettendorf, France

24 March 1945 - 19th AIB, Germersheim, Germany

5 April 1945 14th AD Drive (19th + 62nd AIB attack on Gemuenden)

08 April 1945 - 14th AD, Munnerstadt, Germany

14 April 1945 - 125th Armored Engineer Battalion

15 April 1945 Kirchenbirkig, Germany

18 April 1945 68th AIB Polling, Germany

26 April 1945 - 501st AFB, Gungolding, Germany

30 April 1945 - III Corps Cdr, Moosburg, Germany

09 May 1945 Thanksgiving Services

Interview with Phil Snoberger (68th AIB)
Video provided by Phil Snoberger - used as per his request

United News - Rockets mounted on Shermans

7th Army in the ETO

Liberation of Oflag xiii b Hammelburg

62nd AIB - Verlyn Hofer Stories of Service