48th Tank Battalion

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Campaign Credits: Ardennes-Alsace, Rhineland and Central Europe
Battalion Commander: Lt. Col. Edwin H. Ferris WIA 28 NOV 1944 in Barr, France
Battalion Commander: Lt. Col. John C Gavin (appointed)
1st SGT Lawrence Walker
Presidential Unit Citation: Company A, 1st Platoon - Platoon Leader: LT. Edgar D. Woodard
Composition and art work: CPL Nicholas Veltri JR
History written by: T/SGT Dean B. Robinson and T/SGT Vernon G. Brown
"Rittershoffen" Edited by: Major James N. Studer
June 1945
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Presidential Unit Citation

Recipient: 1st Platoon, Company A, 48th Tank Battalion, Lt. Edgar D. Woodard, Platoon Leader, for outstanding performance of duty in action on 9 JAN 1945, near Hatten, France. Assigned to the mission of repulsing an enemy attack, the 1st Platoon, consisting of four operating medium tanks, moved rapidly and decisively to the support of friendly infantry already partially overrun by enemy armor. Displaying great skill and superior marksmanship, the platoon engaged sixteen Mark IV tanks in a deadly firefight, and without loss of men or equipment, destroyed six enemy tanks and forced the remainder to flee. Later in the day the 1st Platoon destroyed four disabled enemy tanks which the Germans were attempting to evacuate. The fearless daring and intrepid actions displayed by members of the 1st Platoon, Company A, 48th Tank Battalion, exemplify the high traditions of the Armed Forces of the United States.


D Company - PVT Raymond E. Berg Killed January 13, 1945

D Company - PVT Raymond E. Berg Killed January 13, 1945

B Company - SGT Lee Junior Roy

Corporal Knott Rankin Killed November 28, 1944

A Company

D Company - SGT Elton Ross

B Company - James F. Brown

General Smith

SVC Company - PFC Jack K. Austin



Rittershoffen facing Hatten

Rittershoffen facing Hatten

HQ Company - Corporal Nicholas Veltri Jr.

T/4 Roland O'Neil


Lt. Col. Edwin H. Ferris
Lt. Col. Ferris
Letter Page 1
Lt. Col. Ferris
Letter Page 2
Presidential Unit Citation
Battalion AARs
After Action Reports

68th AIB History, JAN - FEB 1945
includes some 48th TB information

Armor School report on Hatten

A Company Citation
48th Tank Battalion Crest

14th AD

18 APR 45 - 68th AIB and 48th TB in Pölling, Germany

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