501st Armored Field Artillery Battalion

By Fire by sword

501st Armored Field Artillery Battalion History

Mission Accomplished!
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501st Armored Field Artillery Battalion Photos

Heinz Herbert Kohring, Battery A, manning his machine gun on an M7 Priest nicknamed 'Anne' c.1944-1945

Sergeant Chester 'Chet' West, A Battery, posing with kids from Neuotting Germany after VE Day

Charles Pate, Donald Masters, Chester West, and Heinz Kohring, Repairing Ann's shocks

George Warren, Leslie Wilbur on M3 halftrack in an Alsation town c.1944

Alphonso Dorsaneo PFC Buffalo NY

Photo courtesy of family of Conrad P Adamski Jr. Tec 5 Antigo WI (name of GI in photo unknown)

Bennie's Lady Ammo

Photo courtesy of Adamski family

Conrad P Adamski (back left) and buddies in training

Boarding the Pullman cars for NY - courtesy of Admaski family

Boarding the Pullman cars for NY - courtesy of Admaski family

Boarding the Pullman cars for NY - courtesy of Admaski family

Adamski and friend

Note on photo by Chester West...Small group of regular guys

A Battery M7-Anne

Sgt Louis's section on the March from Au/ Hallertau to Neuötting. Elmer Rathert pfc Catawissa MO, Gerald Leahy cpl Indi...

Manure pile on street in front of house-Alsace

Willard Terrill Tec5 Monroe City MO, Danes ?, Edward Kuhagen pfc Milwaukee WI, Roland Allen pfc Malone NY, Frederick Fox...



Gelason, Hodges, Collins, Kupi, Lattimer, Wilderman, Rameli, Watts, Van Valkenburg, Morris, Vandegrift, Higgins, Ashby, ...

Lt. James Nicholson goes for seconds, also back left William J. McCord can be seen (wearing glasses). A Battery Forward...


Leo Magnani writing and eating while on a problem

Donald Herriot (Tec5 Etna OH) on tank-Alsace-part of barn blown away

Fred Talbot A Battery Forward Observer

Gen. Albert Smith

Eagles Nest Before

Eagles Nest After

Major Smoot and Chimney Sweep

Vittori, Waaland, Evilsizor, Cooney and Vensky



Vredenburg - Adolf Hitler Street




FO Crew: Vandergrift, Cooper, Talbot and Vredenburg

Vredenburg and Vic

Vredenburg at Sedgley Field

S/SGT Spencer Smith, Communications Chief, HQ Battery

McCord, Talbot others unknown at this time

Charles Vredenburg

Heinz Kohring at Chet West's home in Iowa

Tech SGT Skeirik

Tech SGT Skeirik

Recon Squad Tech SGT Skeirik and unknown soldiers

Tech SGT Skeirik

Forward Observer 1st LT William Leightenheimer

FO2 Lt. Leightenheimer, Sgt. Anderson, Cpl Uhrig, and T4 Ingram. Johnson (loader) was absent at time of photo

501st Armored Field Artillery Battalion Documents

FM 6 - 74
M7 Priest Manual

Mission Accomplished!
501st History

A Battery Photo / Roster

Battalion Crest

Kohring Memoir pg 1

Kohring Memoir pg 2










My Close Encounters
Under Enemy Fire
Technical SGT Skeirik

14th AD

501st AFA

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