At the Epinal American Cemetery the U.S. Memory Grand assists locals in adopting the graves of the soldiers that are resting there. They also assist families when they come to visit their loved ones. They are trying to find photos of all the soldiers that they care for, here is a list of names of photos that are needed for the 14th Armored Division. If you have photos of any of these soldiers please get in touch with us. To learn more about this wonderful group, please visit:

WILLIAM JOHN BUCKLEY TEC4 136th Ordnance Battalion

JOHN DE FIORE TEC5 136th Ordnance Battalion

JOSEPH F DOWLING TEC5 136th Ordnance Battalion

THOMAS B HEITSTUMAN SSGT 136th Ordnance Battalion

BERT L SKAGGS TEC5 136th Ordnance Battalion

MATTHEW I STEPHENS TEC4 136th Ordnance Battalion

RAYMOND H BARNES PVT 19th Infantry Battalion

LEO J BARTUS SGT 19th Infantry Battalion

HENRY E DRAKE TEC4 19th Infantry Battalion

EMMETT B ENGLE TSGT 19th Infantry Battalion

FRANK M HARRIS SSGT 19th Infantry Battalion

FRED E RICCARDI CPL 19th Infantry Battalion

UNO V TERVO PFC 19th Infantry Battalion

THOMAS A TRENT TSGT 19th Infantry Battalion

STANLEY H WEINBERG PFC 19th Infantry Battalion

JAMES E KNIGHT SSGT 25th Tank Battalion

JACK D MAYES TEC4 25th Tank Battalion

WILLIAM J O'BRIEN SGT 25th Tank Battalion

RONALD F O'DONNELL PFC 25th Tank Battalion

HENRY J SOLARI 1LT 25th Tank Battalion

PORTER C TUCKER TEC4 25th Tank Battalion

WILLIAM H FAY TEC4 499th Field Artillery Battalion

ROBERT L PALECEK 2LT 499th Field Artillery Battalion

MORRIS O ALLEN PFC 47th Tank Battalion

MAURICE BUNDE PVT 47th Tank Battalion

JAMES W CHAMBERS PVT 47th Tank Battalion

MYLETT E CHAMBERS TEC4 47th Tank Battalion

WILLIAM R JR FRAZIER PFC 47th Tank Battalion

KENNETH C GEIGER SGT 47th Tank Battalion

MAURICE N GENTRY TEC5 47th Tank Battalion


MONROE J OWENS PFC 47th Tank Battalion

HARVEY L REDMAN PFC 47th Tank Battalion

EVERETT E ROBLING SGT 47th Tank Battalion

WILLIAM M THOMPSON CPL 47th Tank Battalion

FRED P TINSLEY SGT 47th Tank Battalion

MELVIN E BUTLER TEC5 48th Tank Battalion

CHARLES M CRAWFORD CPL 48th Tank Battalion

GEORGE H HERBERT 1LT 48th Tank Battalion

JOHN D HOOVER TEC4 48th Tank Battalion

RALPH M JACOBS CPL 48th Tank Battalion

RAYMOND T O'DONNELL CPL 48th Tank Battalion

RAY C PARKER CPL 48th Tank Battalion

WILLIAM J SPELLMAN SGT 48th Tank Battalion

JOHN E WHATFORD TEC4 48th Tank Battalion

GEORGE G WYGAL PFC 48th Tank Battalion

LOU C BEMIS TEC4 501st Field Artillery Battalion

ROY E SHEASBY TEC5 501st Field Artillery Battalion

WILBUR A BACHMAN SSGT 62nd Infantry Battalion

CHARLES T JR BRADLEY 2LT 62nd Infantry Battalion

CHARLES CALER PFC 62nd Infantry Battalion

VINCENT E DARZBACH 2LT 62nd Infantry Battalion

DONALD L GRIFFETH PVT 62nd Infantry Battalion

THOMAS A MOLLOY PFC 62nd Infantry Battalion

GEORGE Y PERRY PFC 62nd Infantry Battalion

ROBERT RASMUSSEN PFC 62nd Infantry Battalion

CLYDE E WOERTENDYKE SSGT 62nd Infantry Battalion

EDWARD J ZAROBILA SSGT 62nd Infantry Battalion

JOSEPH BELSTADT PFC 68th Infantry Battalion

MELVIN CARWILE SSGT 68th Infantry Battalion

MARTIN C DIERS SGT 68th Infantry Battalion

EDWARD J GOSSELIN 1LT 68th Infantry Battalion

HENRY J HOUSELOG PFC 68th Infantry Battalion

EMORY L KREEGER PVT 68th Infantry Battalion

MICHAEL MANOS PFC 68th Infantry Battalion

LUSTER PRUETT PFC 68th Infantry Battalion

RONALD H PUTFARK PFC 68th Infantry Battalion

GEORGE A RUBY PFC 68th Infantry Battalion

FREDRICK U SCHILLER PFC 68th Infantry Battalion

WILLIAM R SUTHERLAND SSGT 68th Infantry Battalion

NORMAN E WEMPLE WOJG 68th Infantry Battalion

BUD WOODS PFC 68th Infantry Battalion

RALPH C JOHNSTON TEC4 94th Reconn Squadron

HOWARD T KLINKMAN PFC 94th Reconn Squadron

LESLIE E KOONTZ SGT 94th Reconn Squadron

DONALD S LAKE SGT 94th Reconn Squadron

JOEL T SORENSEN TEC5 94th Reconn Squadron

WILLIAM S SPALDING TEC4 94th Reconn Squadron

FREDERICK W STUCK PFC 94th Reconn Squadron

RICHARD S THACKER SGT 94th Reconn Squadron

FRANKLIN L BAXTER TEC5 Military Police Platoon