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14th Armored Division

Order of Battle


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Division Headquarters
Headquarters Company
Combat Command A
Combat Command B
Combat Command Reserve
*CCR Rifle Company

25th Tank Battalion
47th Tank Battalion
48th Tank Battalion

19th Armored Infantry Battalion
62nd Armored Infantry Battalion
68th Armored Infantry Battalion

94th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) (see also Tuffy's War)
125th Armored Engineer Battalion
154th Armored Signal Company

Division Artillery
Headquarters Battery
499th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
500th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
501st Armored Field Artillery Battalion

Division Trains
136th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion
84th Armored Medical Battalion
Military Police Platoon
Division Band

Battalion Crests

*Officially designated as the Seventh US Army Rifle Company No. 4 (Provisional), the company was redesignated CCR Rifle Company when it joined the Division on 27 March, 1945. The unit was made up of African-American soldiers who had volunteered for combat duty.
Antiaircraft Artillery:
398th AAA AW Bn (SP)

117th Cav Rcn Sq

300th Engr C Bn

Field Artillery:
93d Armd FA Bn
69th Armd FA Bn
975th FA Bn (155mm How)
250th FA Bn (105mm How)
173d FA Gp
220th FA Gp

315th Inf (- 1st Bn) (79th Div)
1st Bn, 315th Inf (79th Div)

Tank Destroyer:
636th TD Bn (SP)

15 Nov 44-12 May 45

2 Jan 45-10 Jan 45

28 Apr 45 - 2 May 45

3 Jan 45-9 Jan 45
2 Apr 45-19 Apr 45
2 Apr 45-24 Apr 45
21 Apr 45-24 Apr 45
21 Apr 45-24 Apr 45
25 Apr 45-9 May 45

13 Jan 45-21 Jan 45
17 Jan 45-21 Jan 45

28 Mar 45-23 Apr 45
Unofficially attached units (not listed in US Army Order of Battle ETO):
284th Engr C Bn
21 Apr 45 - 30 Apr 45