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62nd AIB Information
62nd AIB Website for more information

After Action Reports

68th AIB Information
68th AIB Website for more information

Unit History 1

Unit History 2

Feb '45 Defense of Saessolsheim

Feb '45 S/2 & S/3 Journal Ringeldorf, France

March '45 S/3 Report

April '45 Part I

April '45 Part II

April '45 Part III

47th Tank Battalion Information
47th Tank Battalion Website for more information

After Action Reports

48th Tank Battalion Information
48th Tank Battalion Website for more information

After Action Reports

42nd 'Rainbow' Infantry Division

84th Armored Medical Battalion Information

After Action Reports

94th Cavalry Recon
94th Cavalry Recon Website for more information

After Action Reports

398th AAA Information
398th AAA Website for more information

Anti-Aircraft Artillery Notes

14th AD Information
14th AD Website for more information

G-2 Intelligence Summaries Nov 1944

G-3 Reports Nov 1944

S-3 Journal NOV 1944

S-4 Journal NOV 1944

Intel Summaries NOV 1944

CCA S-2 Journal NOV 1944


CCA History NOV 1944 - MAR 1945

Other Information

Battle Experiences


Initial assault on Herrlisheim

Seventh Army history

Final Report Headquarters
6th Army Group G-3 Section-1945

Corps and Artillery Troop List


Mission accomplished
Third United States Army occupation of Germany

WWII Order of Battle

94th Cav
Adaptation to change U.S. Army Cavalry
doctrine and mechanization, 1938-1945

756th Tank Battalion
October 1-31 1944

761st Tank Battalion

761st Tank Battalion
NCO Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Ruben Rivers

Division attachments to corps

2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion

93rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion

714th Tank Battalion

Misc. Information

Division SOP

Charles Karlstad
The first Commandant
US Army Psychological Warfare

6 JULY 1995

Report of activities
Army ground forces

Decisive step:
Incorporation of decpeption into tactial mission planning

Veritas Journal of Army Special Operations
History PB 31-05-2 Vol. 14 No. 2 2018

History Delta Base

Field expedient armor modifications
to US armored vehicles

Boots on the ground
troop density in contingency operations

Army Ground Forces Report

Army Ground Forces Report 682

General Orders

GO 11, 14th AD 5 FEB 1945

GO 51, 14th AD 23 MAY 1945

GO 64, 14th AD 28 JUNE 1945

GO 71, 14th AD 14 JULY 1945

GO 111, 14th AD 25 AUGUST 1945

Military Review

Military Review, July 1943

Military Review, October 1951